Top 5 reasons why you should move to Washington D.C.

If you are thinking of moving to another city, then Washington D.C. should be on top of your list. Here are the reasons why you must move to this city for living.


The city offers many opportunities to work for the Federal Government. The government employs thousands of local people. It is also the place for many major businesses ranging from defense to healthcare and tourism. So, you have lots of career choices.


There are lots of parks and gardens around the city. It’s a great place to live as you will be able to breathe clean air. You can make time from your busy life and enjoy the beauty and freshness of nature.

Lots of things to do

In Washington D.C., there are many things to do. You can enjoy many outdoor sports, visit museums, participate in street festivals, visit historic sites, and more. You will not get bored living in Washington D.C.


It is a city for food lovers. The cuisine is international. You will find dishes from various cultures. You will find restaurants within every budget. You will find restaurants serving your favorite dishes.

The climate

Washington D. C. has a wonderful climate. There are four seasons, but it doesn’t get too cold or too hot. The summers are mild, and so are the winters. You won’t experience any skin-blistering heat.

Washington D.C has a mixed culture. You will find people of various cultures living together. There is a sense of belonging in this city. The people are friendly, and once you start living here, you won’t feel like going anywhere else.

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Top 5 restaurants in Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. has a diverse culture. So, you will find every type of food here from sushi to Italian. Here are the top restaurants in Washington D.C. that you must visit.

Rose’s Luxury

The menu includes a blend of Jewish, Japanese and French. You will taste a combination of your grandmother’s cooking with Thai food. The cocktails are also different here. You will enjoy the salad menus as well.


It is a very adventurous place to eat. You will taste American food along with Mediterranean heritage. The chef uses unusual ingredients in cooking the dishes. The restaurant has many repeated customers every day.


The restaurant was opened in 2011. If you want to try excellent Italian dishes, then this is the place you must head to. You will find delicious seafood here as well.

Little Serow

The restaurant is inspired from northern Thailand. The restaurant doesn’t have any menu. With only $45 you can get a family-style meal of about seven dishes. The flavors are very bold. The menu changes each week, so you will be able to taste something new often.


This restaurant is famous for Indian food. The owner of the restaurant is Ashok Bajaj who has other restaurants as well. You will get varieties of Indian dishes like ‘tawa,’ ‘chaat,’ and ‘tandoor.’

If you are going to Washington D.C., then make sure you dine in these restaurants during your visit. You will love the environment and the dishes. You will want to come over again to these restaurants.

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5 reasons why you should visit Washington D.C.

People like visiting Washington D.C. There is something about the city that attracts people from all over the world.

Here are five reasons why you should visit Washington D.C.

The food

Many of the restaurants in Washington D.C are top rated. The vibrant neighborhood, famous chefs, etc. make it a great dining experience for the visitors. So, restaurants are a major attraction of Washington D.C.

The memorials

There are many memorials around the city. You can visit them that remind you of the fallen leaders and soldiers. The experience is very moving. You can visit the memorials at night as they are illuminated. The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial and Korean War Veterans Memorial are worth visiting.

The landmarks

There are many landmarks to visit in Washington D.C. These are part of the U.S. history. The Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool on the National Mall is one of them. You will recognize the popular rallies and protests by visiting these landmarks.

The neighbourhoods

The neighborhoods are great for eating, drinking, and shopping. You can also enjoy live basketball or football. There are many restaurants, hotels and great places to shop too.

The museums

You will find excellent museums in Washington D.C., and most of them are free to visit. There is something for everyone. Every museum has lots of exhibits to entertain and educate visitors.

These are some good reasons to visit Washington D.C. That’s why visitors from all over the world come to this place for vacation. It’s a great place to live too.

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