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Be Involved and Earn Great Deals

We have some great loyal readers, but it’s time for passive readers to become active participants by joining in on the discussion, keeping an eye on what’s happening around town, and helping spread the word. We have re-tooled our point system to make it beneficial for EVERYONE to participate not only online but in our communities as well.


The point system will no longer be on a monthly basis. What you earn you keep and can then apply directly to purchasing coupons to small businesses around town. Think Groupon or Living Social, but you don’t have to spend any money to get the discount. Instead all you have to do is be an active citizen providing your opinions on news around town, keeping up to date on events, and most importantly attending community clean up events and provide your volunteering help around Fairfax. How it will be calculated;

Eligibility rules

Most importantly, there is no way for us to track your points without being a registered user and logged in. We want to give back to those of you who are helping to contribute. We will not use your email information for anything other than sending you your coupons when you redeem. We do not email any newsletters and we absolutely do not provide your information to anyone else.

  • Can not be a staff writer (we provide these guys with happy hours anyways) or related to a staff writer to win … sorry mom.
  • Must be a legal resident of the US and the Metro Washington Region to participate
  • Must be 18 to be eligible
  • Must be a registered user to be tracked

How to Redeem

We are working on putting together the community portal which will show how you can redeem your points at local retailers as well as working with small businesses in our area to get the best deals on things you want. The process will ultimately be very simple. You earn points while logged in (they show up in the sidebar). When you have earned a significant number of points you can head over to our local retail coupon shop and find the deal you want. Click redeem and the points will be transferred from your account automatically. You will then be emailed your coupon with bar code that can be printed from your computer and used at the retailer you have selected.


The intent is to grow community presence in discussions and around town at events. Your active participation is worth far more than any nominal fees, and this is a thank you for those of you who do participate.

Once the new shop portal is up we will let everyone know, but that doesn’t mean you should wait till then to start accumulating points.