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Navid Roshan-Afshar

Web Site: http://www.thetysonscorner.com/

Silver Line Opening In Tysons

July 28, 2014

It’s been a long time coming, and at times a frustrating process, but finally Tysons has rail with the opening of the Silver Line. Luminaries, both those who helped the project and those who attempted to shut it down, were in attendance at the grand opening. While much of the focus was at the...
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One Tysons Plaza Officially Opened (Sorta)

July 25, 2014

A big milestone in the redevelopment of Tysons Corner Center took place yesterday when officials from Macerich, Fairfax County, and local leaders of the development community held the ribbon cutting (and confetti flying) ceremony for the new One Tysons Plaza. The 1.5 acre plaza, hovering 32′ above what used to be a parking lot...
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Silver Line Opens This Week But Infrastructure Still Missing In Tysons

July 23, 2014
Lack of bus stops on North Westpark Drive

By now everyone has had their fill of stories about the opening of the Silver Line this week… by the way have you heard the Silver Line is opening this weekend? And as a shout out to the best transportation reporter in our area (Martin DiCaro) #heydidyouhereyoucannotparkattheSilverLinestationsinTysons. Less than a week to go before the...
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Westpark Transit Center, Stripped and Under Construction

July 22, 2014
Westpark Transit Center, Stripped and Under Construction

Once the Silver Line starts the Westpark Transit Center will go from having several buses utilizing it for time checks to a single bus system. And a week before that date, the center is looking like a ghost town and construction site. We’ve reached out in an attempt to get the story behind the...
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Mill Creek Mosaic Construction Update

July 21, 2014
Mill Creek Mosaic Apartments Construction

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about construction happening at Mosaic. Since our last trip out Avalon has opened, EYA is seeking more townhomes to build, and overall the retail is looking to be very healthy and continuing to grow. On this trip out the most obvious change on the horizon is the...
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WMATA’s Beautiful Silver Line Fountains

July 15, 2014
Silver Line Metro drainage issue

During a particular heavy, but fairly common, DC area rain storm, I happened upon the previously undiscovered Grand Fountains of Metro sculpture, hovering 40 feet above traffic in Tysons. Who knew Bechtel had such master craftsman skills to create what will surely be one of the modern wonders of the world? The Grand Fountains...
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Friday Flickr Pool: Tysons Architecture From Afar

July 11, 2014

Upper Left: Photo of One Tysons project nearing completion. Upper Right: Photo of sky walk from metro station to One Tysons. Lower Left: Photo from Tysons West looking at the Sheraton high rise. Lower Right: Gannett Headquarters lawn and grounds. Have your photos show up in the flickr pool by joining our open flickr...
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Around the Corner

July 10, 2014
Spring Hill Elan Tysons

A small retailer is making the case that more people and transit access is hurting his business in this story at the Washington Post. No mention that his industry is one that has been seeing the effects of the digital age long before the Silver Line construction had begun. Is it true that small...
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Online Town Hall Next Friday

July 8, 2014
Virginia State House

At TheTysonsCorner.com we want to foster dialogue in the community about changes, what is needed, places for improvement, and problem areas around town that we can then organize and communicate to planners and leaders in Fairfax County. So on July 18th we are holding the first (and hopefully not the last) online town hall...
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Silver Line McLean Station Parking Looking Complete

July 8, 2014
Silver Line McLean Station Parking lot

Whether you are in support of or against the metro parking in Tysons, the temporary lot being built with non-public funds is looking complete and ready for a Silver Line opening day of July 26th (please?). The parking lot, the former aging headquarters of MITRE which were abandoned years ago, will have 700 temporary...
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Arbor Row Tysons Stream Restoration Trail Installation

July 7, 2014
Stream Restoration and Trail Tysons

It might not look like much right now, but what used to be an overgrown and non-maintained stream valley on Westpark Drive in Tysons has undergone a significant transformation. Stream restoration crews associated with the Arbor Row project began implementing modifications to the stream valley earlier this year including: shallowing of the stream, removing...
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