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Navid Roshan-Afshar

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Tysons Corner Metro Station Bike Lockers Unnecessarily Split

February 25, 2015

Let’s not look a gift horse in the mouth, getting bike infrastructure of any kind in Tysons is novel, and understandably an evolving study, but this week I couldn’t help but notice the deficiency of the current layout of bike lockers at the Silver Line’s Tysons Corner station. The station, like others in Tysons,...
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ROTI Mediterranean Grill Opens New Location in Tysons

February 19, 2015

ROTI Mediterranean Grill, a fast casual restaurant company known for its unique emphasis on the healthy, fresh ingredients and bold flavors announced the opening of its newest restaurant at 8461 Leesburg Pike, McLean, VA. on Wednesday, February 18, 2015. The new Roti eatery marks the 20th restaurant overall, and the 10th in the Greater Washington D.C. area. “We...
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Westpark Sidewalk Gap Doesn’t Need New Right of Way

February 16, 2015

For years now residents of North Tysons have had to mitigate a lingering sidewalk gap that doesn’t appear to be going away. Along the north side of Westpark Drive near the intersection of International Drive a steep slope and forested area has kept FCDOT from being able to connect the neighborhood of Park Crest...
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Demolition of Best Western on Westpark Imminent

February 11, 2015

When the Board of Supervisors approved the Westpark Plaza rezoning late last year a lot of people were happy that days were numbered at the aging, and abandoned, Best Western at the corner of Leesburg Pike. The hotel has been abandoned for nearly a year, which always leads to complications from poor maintenance to...
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Tysons East Growing Quickly: Future Skyline

February 8, 2015

Washington Business Journal reported this week that yet another development project, the first building of LCOR’s Commons of McLean is set for groundbreaking. The building would join four other mid and high rise towers currently under construction, including two at the Cityline Garfield parcel, MITRE Building 4, and Capital One headquarters. To date the...
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Changes to Transportation Funding Will Help Fairfax With Transportation Priorities

February 4, 2015
Virginia State House

A bit of great news was broken by the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce today; the passage of a major transportation funding and reform bill through the Virginia legislature is set to help relieve the bottleneck for local priorities that has become the norm in Richmond. In a press release the Chamber applauds the vote...
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Potential Office to Residential Conversions in Tysons

February 3, 2015

In case you missed this non-Tysons related story from the always interesting to read UrbanTurf blog, office to mixed use conversions are becoming very popular in the DC area. This is clearly a reaction to increasing over supply in office space caused by a slower federal contracting economy and the likely over delivery of...
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Synergy Immediate Care Opens in Tysons

February 1, 2015

Synergy Immediate Care, a brand new primary and urgent care practice, is opening its doors on Monday, February 2. Located in the heart of Tysons Corner immediately adjacent to the DMV on Gallows Road, at the site of the former Gibbs College, it will be open 7 days a week, starting at 730 in...
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Garfield Parcel Assembles High Rise Tower Crane

January 29, 2015

Despite what some local macroeconomics experts might be telling you, the construction boom continues unabated in Tysons. Considering Fairfax has gained 40,000 residents since the 2010 census, and that there is no chance there were 15,000-18,000 new homes built in the county, it is obvious that residential multi-family remains marketable. Lucky for Tysons high...
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Tysons Assessed Values 2000 Through 2014 Animated

January 28, 2015

We’ve compiled over 10 years of tax information in order to understand how the Tysons area has evolved and continues to evolve since 2000. Some interesting points, in 2010 and 2011 Tysons (and most of Northern Virginia) saw some major assessed value depression caused largely by a reduction in government contracts. This was most...
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Nouvelle Arbor Row Nears Final Height

January 25, 2015

The last time we discussed the construction at Arbor Row was this past summer, when the rising Nouvelle apartments was only 12 floors above ground. Six months later and the building is almost to its final height, 27-stories, except for some final mechanical enclosures. There is still a lot of work left, and construction...
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