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Navid Roshan-Afshar

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Food Trucks Facing Tickets In Tysons Again

September 16, 2014

When Fairfax County announced they would be pursuing sensible regulations to allow food truck operation in Tysons last year, it seemed like a brewing problem between local police and permit carrying food truck vendors was avoided. The issue was stirred up again yesterday as several food trucks were told to move on by Fairfax...
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North Tysons Rec Fields Taking Shape

September 15, 2014

Residents in the Park Crest neighborhood may have noticed some significant earthwork operations occurring along a quiet part of Jones Branch Drive the past couple months in the vicinity of the Kaiser Permanent offices. Some might be surprised to hear it’s not a high rise tower going up, but instead a recreational field being...
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Another New Rezoning For McLean Station

September 12, 2014

It looks like a new wave of rezonings are coming into the County from new sources that weren’t involved with the original comprehensive plan process. Earlier this month the AFL-CIO Building Investment Trust filed a new rezoning, The Highland District, for the region around Old Meadow Road, currently an area of low density warehouse...
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Hit Or Miss Day For Tysons Planning Future

September 10, 2014

Yesterday WUSA9 and WAMU885 ran stories about the glut of car parking provided at the McLean station, an issue that the Board of Supervisors has spent inordinate amounts of time trying to negotiate with land owners, at times giving up other bargaining chips to do so. The lot is empty, as we have been...
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Silver Line Music & Food Truck Festival This Saturday

September 8, 2014

Unlike three months ago, when local leaders envisioned a food and wine festival that would be served by metro access, the upcoming Silver Line Music and Food Truck Festival will actually have an operating metro line (well atleast with 15 minute headways). The festival will be held at the same spot as the Food...
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Greystar Quietly Begins Construction on Second Tysons High Rise

September 4, 2014
Greystar Quietly Begins Construction on Second Tysons High Rise

It’s deja vu all over again. It seems like just yesterday Greystar broke ground on the first post-comprehensive plan high rise building in Tysons, Ascent. Thirty months later, and it seems Greystar’s appetite for fanfare remains low, despite their ambitious plans in town. Just like their ground breaking at Ascent, their newest project 1521...
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423 Bus Routing Shows Why Ridership Has Dropped

September 3, 2014

Transportation planning is not an easy thing to do. Politics, economics, physical reality, and a dozen other factors can take infrastructure that looks good on paper and render it unfeasible and at times diluted beyond recognition. Case in point, the 423 bus, one of three new circulators that are meant to serve the growing...
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7915 Jones Branch Rezoning Redevelops Office to Residential

August 27, 2014

About 6 months ago Washington Business Journal ran a story about Kettler’s newest project within Tysons, 7915 Jones Branch Drive; a strip of Tysons known best for being home to two Fortune 500 headquarters. Not much was known at that time other than a few illustrative renderings and general size and height of the...
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Lerner 1775 Tysons Boulevard Improving Neighborhood Massing

August 25, 2014

For nearly a decade the Tysons II property has been developed asymmetrically, focusing entirely on the west side of Tysons Boulevard. After several years of delay, Lerner Enterprises announced earlier this year that they would begin vertical construction of their newest addition, 1775 Tysons Boulevard. The building itself is similar to prior projects in...
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Month 2 of Parkageddon

August 22, 2014
Parkageddon Tysons

It’s time to once again return to the misery that has befallen our little city of Tysons, #parkageddon. For those of you unfamiliar Parkageddon involves the onslaught of the driving hordes searching for hours in town for a parking space because none was provided for the Silver Line metro. Of course, there were 700...
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Meridian’s Greensboro Place Rezoning Deferred Again

August 20, 2014
Meridian Events Plaza

After a one month hiatus on public meetings, the new schedule for the planning commission was posted for September this week. It came as a big surprise that the Greensboro Place project, Meridian’s rezoning at the SAIC headquarters in Tysons, has been deferred again to a new date… this time in Spring of 2015....
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