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The Tysons Corner is a growing website, started in 2011, created to discuss the local issues specific to eastern Fairfax including the regions of Tysons Corner, Falls Church, McLean, Vienna, and Merrifield. Our goal is to provide a deeper analysis of topics centered around the new urbanism concepts of a 21st century Northern Virginia.

We have seen the region grow from a quiet suburban community to a cultural and economic contributor of the east coast rivaling other more established cities.

The area for many years grew without direction, leaving a disconnected community of micro-developments without any coordinated design concept. Our goal is to create a unified, or at times cacophonous, voice of residents and interested parties to discuss what the future vision for the region could or should be. We look to fill the questions that many have and provide the depth of coverage that is difficult for regional news publications to provide.

Contact us; staff@thetysonscorner.com

We are currently looking for interested writers who are looking for a forum to discuss their ideas as a writer for TTC. This could be done as an exclusive TTC format or as a crosspost with other independent blogs. If you are interested in reaching a large base of readers specific to this region think about joining.

Our Contributors

Navid Roshan-Afshar (Writer/Chief Editor): Is a professional licensed engineer in Northern Virginia who has 10 years of land development experience spanning pre-boom, boom, and post boom years of the market. He has seen the best and the worst in design concepts and land use policies and has the hope that sustainable planning will find a confluence with economics and public support in our region. Since 2009 he has worked on overseas projects, where he has seen the right and wrong kinds of planning that are being implemented around the world.

The Constant Shopper (Writer): The Constant Shopper is our first contributing writer. She believes that those who can’t find things to do in Northern Virginia aren’t looking in the right places. We hope her reviews and advice will help new residents and current residents who are stuck indoors venture out

MyFairfaxVille (Writer): A style blogger from Fairfax who runs her own blog at MyFairfaxVille.blogspot.com.

NoVaBroker (Writer): NovaBroker began working in office brokerage this past spring. He hopes to bring clarity to complicated development issues, so  passive observers can more easily understand issues effecting our community and contribute their voice to the ongoing dialogue between residents, workers, developers, and government officials. Please reach out with any commercial real estate related needs or questions to NoVaBroker at taylor.monroe@colliers.com.

LeftForEd (Writer): LeftForEd is a born and raised Northern Virginian who wants to see more events around Fairfax.@LeftForEd82.