5 reasons why you should visit Washington D.C.

People like visiting Washington D.C. There is something about the city that attracts people from all over the world.

Here are five reasons why you should visit Washington D.C.

The food

Many of the restaurants in Washington D.C are top rated. The vibrant neighborhood, famous chefs, etc. make it a great dining experience for the visitors. So, restaurants are a major attraction of Washington D.C.

The memorials

There are many memorials around the city. You can visit them that remind you of the fallen leaders and soldiers. The experience is very moving. You can visit the memorials at night as they are illuminated. The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial and Korean War Veterans Memorial are worth visiting.

The landmarks

There are many landmarks to visit in Washington D.C. These are part of the U.S. history. The Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool on the National Mall is one of them. You will recognize the popular rallies and protests by visiting these landmarks.

The neighbourhoods

The neighborhoods are great for eating, drinking, and shopping. You can also enjoy live basketball or football. There are many restaurants, hotels and great places to shop too.

The museums

You will find excellent museums in Washington D.C., and most of them are free to visit. There is something for everyone. Every museum has lots of exhibits to entertain and educate visitors.

These are some good reasons to visit Washington D.C. That’s why visitors from all over the world come to this place for vacation. It’s a great place to live too.

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