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100 Followers… Come On You Know You Wanna Follow Too

April 19, 2012
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Well it took a couple months, but we’ve gotten to 100 twitter followers, and are averaging about 200 hits per day, so that is good news, but we want great news. We hope by June to have 200 followers, it might be ambitious but with some support, word of mouth, and continued exclusive content TheTysonsCorner we’ll get there.

If you are not a twitter follower already, please considered adding us. It is the quickest way to find out when we have a new story and we also post at the moment commentary, discussions, and community information from others as well. Unlike some twitter posters, we also take pride that we avoid filling up your timelines with just our posts spamming it all up. We promise to keep our posts spread out and to avoid a constant stream of thought through the day.

So help be part of a change towards local news coverage that analyzes, conceptualizes, and discusses what is happening at a grass roots level and show your support in the quickest and simplest way. I dunno how else to put this;



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  1. dhassett@wileyrein.com on October 24, 2012 at 9:55 am


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